Simple Room Décor

size: wall art, 12”x12”; flower cube, 9” tall


  • STYROFOAM brand foam *Dow: Sheet, 1”x12”x36”; cubes, 5”x5”, three
  • Amy Butler Belle cardstock double sided paper pad (K&Company), 12”x12”
  • Silk hydrangea items: green/pink, six; green leaves, 12


  • MONO Aqua Glue Pens, two (Tombow)
  • Handi-tak Adhesive (Super Glue Corp.)
  • Stem cutters
  • Optional: Low-temperature glue gun and glue sticks
  • Serrated knife and candle


  • 1. Measure and mark six 12” squares on STYROFOAM sheet. Rub knife across candle and cut out squares.
  • 2. Use glue pen to adhere six different patterned papers to STYROFOAM squares.
  • 3. Cut four 1”-wide strips of each of the six patterned papers. Use glue pen to adhere strips to corresponding square sides.
  • 4. Trace around four sides of cubes onto papers, alternating patterns. Cut out squares.
  • 5. Use glue pen to adhere squares to cubes.
  • 6. Trim hydrangea stems to 4” long and insert two into each top of paper-covered cube. Trim stems from leaves and insert four between hydrangeas in tops of each cube. Position and shape leaves to cover exposed areas.
  • 7. Use glue gun to secure stems and leaves in tops of cubes. Use small pieces of Handitak adhesive to hang squares on walls as desired.

by Diane D. Flowers for The Dow Chemical Co.

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