Crystal Moon Earrings

size: 3”


  • Swarovski Crystal beads: crystal moons, 20mm, two; alabaster rounds, 4mm, six; jet AB rounds, 4mm, six; crystal silver shade rounds, 4mm, six
  • Pacific Silverworks Sterling silver tendrils with loops
  • Beadalon Sterling silver findings: headpins, 18; jump rings: 4mm, 36, 6mm, two; coiled French wires, two


  • Pliers: round-nose; chain-nose, two pairs
  • Flush cutters


  • 1. Create coil-topped dangles for all crystal rounds.
  • 2. Attach dangles to loops on sterling tendrils with 4mm jump rings, starting with jet and working down in following pattern: alabaster, crystal silver, jet, alabaster, crystal silver, jet, alabaster, crystal silver. Repeat for second tendril.
  • 3. Use 6mm jump rings to attach crystal moons to bottom of tendrils.
  • 4. Attach French wires to top of tendrils.
  • 5. Check back through design to ensure all jump rings are properly closed.
  • Tip
  • 1. When opening jump rings, always twist both sides as opposed to pulling ends straight apart. This ensures metal shape is not damaged when squeezing jump ring back into circular shape.

by Margot Potter

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