Dreaming of a White Christmas


  • Wooden shadow box, 5”x5”
  • Wooden floral appliqués (Artistic Appliqués), 1”x5-1/2
  • Full-Color Holiday Vignettes Christmas clip art (Dover): Snowy House (#273); Santa Claus (#281)
  • Bottlebrush tree, 3-1/4” tall
  • FolkArt Acrylic Colors (Plaid): Fresh Foliage; Wicker White
  • FolkArt Extreme Glitter (Plaid): Peridot; Hologram
  • Lime/red stripe patterned paper
  • Foil gift wrap or paper: gold; silver
  • White cardstock
  • Faux Snow (Art Glitter)
  • Beaded garland: small: gold, 18” length; silver, 6” length; medium: gold, 18” length
  • Wooden cube or die, 1” square


  • All Night Media Say It With Stamps (Plaid)
  • StazOn Opaque solvent ink pad (Tsukineko): Cotton White
  • Mini snowflake craft punch
  • Pinking shears
  • Decorative-edge scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Foam brush
  • Craft paintbrush
  • Craft glue
  • Double-stick tape
  • Glue stick
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • 1. Mask the glass front of the shadowbox inside and out.
  • 2. Open the door of the shadowbox. Paint the inside of the shadowbox Wicker White and let dry. Cover with two coats of Hologram Extreme Glitter, allowing the paint to dry between coats.
  • 3. Paint the rest of the shadowbox Fresh Foliage green. Let dry. Cover all the green areas with two coats of Peridot Extreme Glitter, allowing the paint to dry between coats. Remove the masking tape and clean the glass inside and out.
  • 4. Paint the wood appliqué Fresh Foliage green and let dry. Paint with two coats Peridot Extreme Glitter, allowing the paint to dry between coats.
  • 5. Cut the striped scrapbook paper to fit the back wall of the shadowbox. Apply with double-stick tape. Hot glue the medium gold garland around the inside of the shadowbox framing the striped paper.
  • 6. Photocopy the Santa Claus and Snowy House clip art and cut out. Use the double-stick tape to attach the Snowy House inside the shadowbox over the striped paper, centering it top to bottom. Glue the Santa to the white cardstock with the glue stick and cut out. Glue the die to the back of the cardstock Santa to create a stand. Hot glue the Santa in front of the house.
  • 7. Punch about seven snowflakes out of the silver foil paper and use the glue stick to apply them to the background over the striped paper and the Snowy House.
  • 8. Trim the back of the bottlebrush tree flat with scissors so it will fit in the shadowbox when the door is closed. Hot glue three strands of small silver beaded garland diagonally across the front of the tree. Hot glue the tree in front of the Snowy House.
  • 9. Cut four 5” strips of the gold foil paper about 1/2” wide using the decorative-edge scissors so the strips are straight on one edge and decorative on the other. Cut four 5” strips of the silver foil paper about 3/4”-wide using the pinking shears and keeping the strips straight on one edge and pinked on the other. Use the glue stick to glue one gold strip onto one silver strip lining up the straight edges. Repeat for all the strips. Attach the four silver/gold strips to the inside of the shadowbox door with double-stick tape.
  • 10. Hot glue the small gold beaded garland to the front of the shadowbox around the glass. Hot glue the wood appliqué to the top of the shadowbox.
  • 11. Paint the roof of the Snowy House with the craft glue and sprinkle with Faux Snow. Pour an inch of Faux Snow inside the shadowbox. Glue the door closed with a few dots of hot glue.
  • 12. Stamp “Season’s Greetings” on the glass front of the shadowbox using the Cotton White ink pad.
  • Take a Stand
  • 1. Instead of using the hanger on the back of the shadow box, place it on a small easel or plate stand. Display it next to a bowl of Christmas cards.

by Jennifer & Kitty O’Neil

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