Skeleton Key Treasure Necklace


  • Antique brass chain (, 24” length
  • Vintage silk ribbon or seam binding, 6” length
  • Antique (or reproduction) skeleton key
  • Czech glass foil leaves, two (or an assortment of crystal beads and vintage jewelry bits)
  • Antique brass toggle closure set
  • Antique brass eye pins and head pins, 2” long
  • Jump rings


  • Pliers: round-nose; wire cutting
  • Scissors


  • 1. Determine desired necklace length. With two focal points, this necklace style benefits from a longer length, between 18” and 24” long. Use wire cutting pliers to separate or cut chain links to desired length.
  • 2. Use roundnose pliers to open jump rings and attach toggle closure piece to each chain end. Tighten jump rings.
  • 3. Use eye pin and simple wire wrapping technique to attach skeleton key to middle of chain link.
  • 4. On either side of key, use eye pins or head pins as needed to affix vintage jewelry bits and glass leaves or crystal beads to chain.
  • 5. From center of necklace and key pendant, measure approximately 6” up and attach glass foil leaf and vintage bauble.
  • 6. Cut ribbon length in half. Tie one piece onto chain next to key pendant and remaining length 6” up where second, smaller focal pieces are affixed.

by Maryellen Kim

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