QC: Budget-Chic Wall Decor


  • STYROFOAM brand foam panels (Dow)
  • Fabric
  • Pins

Basic Supplies

ruler, scissors


  • Hammer & nails


  • 1. Want a super chic room update on the cheap? Look no further than these STYROFOAM brand foam panels (Dow) covered in the latest fabric looks. Simply find a fabric that complements your décor. We chose a contemporary Amy Butler fabric for these panels. Cut a 1” thick, 12”x36” panel into three panels. Cut fabric slightly larger than panels, and neatly pin excess fabric to panel backs.
  • 2. Hang panels evenly-spaced on the wall to recreate this high-end look. No one will ever know you used STYROFOAM brand foam panels for your stylish wall art. Shhhh! It’ll be our little secret.

for The Dow Chemical Co.

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