Snowflake Table Runner

size: 13”x72”


  • Purchased table runner, 13”x72”
  • Fabric, two coordinating prints

Basic Supplies

scissors, paintbrush, newspaper (to cover work surface)


  • Brother International ScanNCut
  • Tulip Sparkling Star Glitter Spray Paint
  • Plaid Fabric Mod Podge


  • 1. Choose design for runner by either using Snowflake that comes with ScanNCut machine or by scanning in own design. Smooth print fabric on mat and load into machine. Select image and set size at 7-1/2”. See Photo 1 and Photo 2. (see photos)
  • 2. Use your finger on touch screen to move design to fit inside cutting area. Hit “okay” and then cut out image. Repeat to cut nine snowflakes (or number needed to fit table runner). Remove snowflakes from adhesive mat. See Photo 3 and Photo 4. (see photos)
  • 3. On covered work surface, adhere snowflakes to table runner using Mod Podge and paintbrush. Let dry. See Photo 5. (see photos)
  • 4. Spray fabric liberally with Sparkling Star spray paint; let dry completely. See Photo 6, Photo 7, and Photo 8. (see photos)

by Amy Anderson for Brother International

Print Project