Velvet Ribbon Card Hanger

size: varies


  • Red velveteen ribbon, 2-1/2”x18’
  • Plaid ribbon, 1-1/2”x12’
  • Chenille stems (or wire)

Basic Supplies

scissors, iron, measuring tape or ruler


  • Velcro Brand: Removable Hanging Strip, White Tak Putty
  • The Warm Co. Steam-A-Seam
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Glue


  • 1. Cut red ribbon into following lengths: one 56”; two 20”; three 24”; one 30”; one 4”. Cut plaid ribbon into following lengths: one 56”; three 24”; one 2-1/2”.
  • 2. Cut fusible webbing same-length as plaid ribbon lengths; follow manufacturer’s instructions to fuse webbing onto ribbons. (Note: 2-1/2” plaid ribbon length is placed horizontally in center of 4” red ribbon length). Center and fuse ribbons together.
  • 3. Overlap and adhere short ends of 20” red ribbon lengths to form two loops; pleat at centers and wrap with chenille stems to secure. See Photo 1. Repeat process with red/plaid ribbon lengths. See Photo 2. Fold 30” red ribbon length in half; attach with chenille stem. See Photo 3. Overlap and adhere short ends of 4” red/plaid ribbon into loop. See Photo 4. Layer bow sections together and secure with chenille stem. See Photo 5. Position 4” loop over center of bow and wrap with chenille stem. See Photo 6 and Photo 7. (see photos)
  • 4. Adhere 56” ribbon length to back of bow; let dry. Trim ends into “v” shape.
  • 5. Position removable hanging strip on back of ribbon bow; position on wall or door. Use putty to adhere cards onto ribbon length as desired.
  • Tip
  • 1. Steam-A-Seam is sticky on one side; place this side on plaid ribbon to hold in place, line up on red ribbon, and then iron to fuse together.

by Ann Butler Designs

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