Silver and Jet Necklace

size: 23-1/2”


  • Jet AB faceted oval beads, nine
  • Faceted silver teardrop beads, two
  • Silver seed beads, size 6
  • Stretch Magic Beading Elastic, .5mm wide, 26” length

Basic Supplies



  • Beadalon Bead Fix Gel
  • Bead stopper


  • 1. Cut two 48” lengths of beading elastic and pre-stretch it. Place two ends together and add bead stopper, leaving 3” tail.
  • 2. String six silver beads onto two threads. See Photo 1. (see photos)
  • 3. Separate threads and add eight silver beads to each one. See Photo 2. (see photos)
  • 4. Bring two threads back together and string on one jet oval bead. (Note: The silver beads now form loop below jet bead.) See Photo 3. (see photos)
  • 5. Hold two threads near top of jet bead and fold bead back on itself so that it sits in center of silver beaded loop. See Photo 4. (see photos)
  • 6. Working with one thread at a time, start at second bead and re-thread elastic through all beads. (Note: The elastic will exit from silver bead above jet bead.) Repeat on other side. Pull both threads so silver loop sits snugly around jet bead. See Photo 5, Photo 6, and Photo 7. (see photos)
  • 7. String silver bead on each length of elastic. See Photo 8. (see photos)
  • 8. Bring two threads back together and string on nine silver beads. See Photo 9. (see photos)
  • 9. Steps 3–8 form pattern. Repeat pattern 11 times in total. (Note: For repeats 5 and 7, add six beads to each thread instead of eight to form loop. Thread on silver teardrop and continue with pattern. There are only five beads between repeats 5, 6, and 7.) See Photo 10. (see photos)
  • 10. For last repeat, add only three beads instead of nine; separate threads.
  • 11. Remove bead stopper and join necklace together with double knots. To minimize bulkiness of knots, tie two strands separately. After tying first knot, stretch it tightly. Tie another knot and stretch again. Repeat on second strand. See Photo 11. (see photos)
  • 12. Apply Bead Fix to knots and let dry. Cut ends 1/4” from knots; slide knots inside bead so not visible. See Photo 12. (see photos)
  • Tip
  • 1. Shorten the length of the necklace and add a jump ring and clasp to fasten.

by Myléne Hillam

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