Stencilled Heart Apron

size: adult


  • White twill fabric, 3/4 yd.
  • Red grosgrain ribbon, 3 yds.
  • White buttons, 7/8”, four

Basic Supplies

scissors, craft knife, heavy cardboard or cutting mat, masking tape, iron and pressing board


  • DecoArt SoSoft Christmas Red Fabric Paint
  • Needle and white sewing thread
  • Transparent lightweight plastic (for stencil)


  • 1. For apron, cut 21”x29” rectangle from fabric. Use Fig. 1 to cut diagonal lines as shown. (see photos)
  • 2. Turn and press raw edges of apron over 1/4”. Turn and press raw edges over 1/4” again. Sew around apron close to turned edges.
  • 3. Print and cut out patterns. Tape hearts to back of stencil plastic, leaving space between them. Use craft knife to cut out shapes, placing heavy cardboard or cutting mat underneath.
  • 4. Use photo as placement guide to stencil large hearts at center of left side of apron, overlapping some hearts. (Note: Hearts should all face away from a single point on side of apron.) Fill in open areas with medium hearts and add medium hearts beyond large hearts. Fill in open area between medium hearts with small hearts and add small hearts beyond medium hearts.
  • 5. From ribbon, cut 26” neck strap length and two 38” waist tie lengths. Fold ribbon ends over 1”. Sew buttons to folded ribbon ends to attach neck strap to top of apron and ties to top of straight sides.
  • Tip
  • 1. Substitute thin craft foam for lightweight plastic when making a sturdy stencil. Touch up edges of hearts using a fine paintbrush.

by Mary Ayres

Pattern - Stencilled Heart Apron

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