Quaker Motif Note Cards

stitch count: 58 w x 55 h; approx. finished size: 3-3/4” w x 3-1/2” h


  • 10”x10” Tapestry Teal 32-count Linen (Lakeside Linens & Designs, Inc.)
  • 6-strand Silk Floss (Olde Willow Stitchery Threads, Inc.)

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch : 2 strands
Petite Cross-stitch : 2 strands

Basic Supplies

needle, sisscors, glue


  • 1. Stitch design centered on fabric over two threads. Petite cross-stitch are stitched over 1 thread of linen.
  • 2. Make your own cards using cardstock or purchase a blank card from local scrap booking store. Cut opening slightly larger than stitched piece. Trim fabric to fit inside card using pinking shears (prevents fraying of fabric). Put small amount of glue around all edges on the right side of the design. Place design under opening and firmly press down on outside. Let dry overnight.
  • 3. After completely dry, cut piece of cardstock size of card and glue to back side of card insuring cross—stitch piece is covered completely. Add scrap booking decorations to finish your card.

by Robin Laukhuf for Olde Willow Stitchery Threads, Inc.

Pattern - Friends

Pattern - Flower

Pattern - I Miss You


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