“Love is the Answer” Cross-Stitch

finished size of design: 4-1/2”x7-1/2”; stitch count: 61 w x 104 h


  • DMC Charles Craft 14-count White Aida
  • DMC Pearl Cotton 5 Floss: 471, 535, 957, 3348
  • DMC Memory Thread Floss: 6070, 6150, 6340
  • DMC 6-strand Embroidery Floss: 895, 946

Stitch Types

Backstitch : 2 strands
Couching : 1 strand
Half cross-stitch : 1 strand

Basic Supplies



  • DMC tools: Embroidery Scissors; Embroidery Needle, size 10; Tapestry Needle, size 22


  • 1. Half cross-stitch design centered on fabric using one strand floss. Backstitch lettering using two strands DMC 535 Ash Gray-VY LT. Secure and clip loose threads on back of design.
  • 2. Following Memory Thread placement lines on chart, place length of Memory Thread on top of stitched design to estimate thread needed for each design element; add 1” to measured length and cut. Work each piece in same manner.
  • 3. Using tapestry needle, insert needle into beginning hole in cloth; gently wiggle needle to enlarge hole and insert one end of Memory Thread. Repeat process for other end.
  • 4. Holding Memory Thread in place, couch it onto surface of cloth using one strand floss in colors indicated. Beginning with central vein, couch vein into place followed by the smaller “v” shaped veins using one strand DMC 895 Hunter Green-VY DK. Couch orange hearts in place using one strand DMC 946 Medium Burnt Orange. Finally, couch leaves in place using one strand DMC 895 Hunter Green-VY DK.
  • 5. Secure Memory Thread ends on back of design with floss; clip excess threads leaving 1/8” end pressed flat against back of design.

by Alice Okon for The DMC Corp.

Pattern - “Love is the Answer” Cross-Stitch


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