Handprint Shamrock Shirt


  • White cotton t-shirt

Basic Supplies

paintbrush, foam brush, aluminum foil, plastic gloves, foam plate, paper towels, newspaper (to cover work surface)


  • Tulip: 3-D Fashion Paint: Leaf Green Slick; Soft Fabric Paint: Gold Metallic, Lime Matte, Holiday Green Matte
  • Tulip Fashion Form (or cardboard scrap)


  • 1. Wash and dry shirt.
  • 2. On covered work surface, insert fashion form or cardboard scrap between layers of shirt.
  • 3. Squeeze Lime and Holiday Green on aluminum foil. Wearing gloves, use foam brush to dab Lime and Holiday Green on palm of hand, covering all areas of hand. Press hand on bottom corner of shirt. Repeat process creating four leaves for shamrock.
  • 4. Squeeze Gold Metallic on foam plate. Add small amount water. Mix paint and water to creamy consistency. Dab paintbrush into Gold Metallic mixture. To spatter paint, flick paintbrush on shirt. Let dry.
  • 5. Use Leaf Green to outline shamrock edges. Let dry.

by Cheryl Ball for iLoveToCreate, a Duncan Enterprises Co.

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