Family Tree Frame

size: varies


  • Staedtler FIMO Terra Cotta Air Natural Air-Drying Clay
  • Photo frame
  • Recycled plastic milk jug caps
  • Photographs of family members
  • Patterned paper: blue, green

Basic Supplies

scissors, paper towel, paintbrushes, water bowl and sponge, toothpicks, foam make-up wedges


  • Acrylic paints: black, brown, yellow, orange, red, light blue
  • Tacky glue


  • 1. Roll 2” ball into log (tree trunk) and press flat with fingers. Draw in bark lines using toothpick. Repeat step to create branches; press on trunk. Adhere in place when dry.
  • 2. Shape 1/2” ball into teardrop shape (leaf). Press flat. Draw in vein marks using toothpick. Shape and form 30 leaves.
  • 3. Flatten 1” ball (sun) with fingers. Cut off one corner. Roll three longer logs and two shorter logs. Attach logs to sun forming rays.
  • 4. Roll two small logs and bend into “V” shapes (birds).
  • 5. Dab make-up wedges into yellow, orange and red paints. Blot off excess. Dab paint on leaves. Let dry.
  • 6. Paint tree trunk brown, sun and rays yellow, and birds light blue. Let all dry.
  • 7. Remove cardboard insert from photo frame. Adhere patterned paper on cardboard insert. Adhere trunk and branches on patterned paper. Let dry. Adhere leaves on trunk and sun and birds above tree.
  • 8. Use plastic caps as template to trace around photographs of family members. Adhere photographs inside caps. Adhere caps on tree as desired.
  • Tip
  • 1. Instead of painting, use the appropriate-color clay instead and let dry naturally.

by Linda Peterson for STAEDTLER-Mars Limited

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