Tooth Fairy Pillow

size of design: 4-1/4”x5-1/4”; finished design, 6-3/4”x7-3/4”


  • DMC White Punch Needle Fabric, 10”x10”
  • 162, 310, 602, 743, 799, 3689, blanc, ecru
  • DMC: Light Gold (E3821) Light Effects Thread; 809 Pearl Cotton 5
  • National Nonwovens White Blended WoolFelt: 6-3/4”x7-3/4”, two; 2”x3”
  • Polyester batting

Basic Supplies

ruler, scissors, straight pins, transfer paper, pencil


  • Punch needle of choice, 3-strand, on low-loop setting
  • DMC: Chenille needle, size 22; embroidery scissors
  • Interlocking hoop, 7”
  • Clear-drying water-based glue


  • 1. Print out patterns. Transfer design onto center of punch needle fabric. Position fabric in hoop.
  • 2. Following pattern, punch needle design using three strands floss working from inside of design outward using low-loop setting. Trim thread ends on front and back of design.
  • 3. Remove design from hoop; trim around design leaving 1/4” border on all sides. Turn border under and adhere edge onto back side. Center design on 6-3/4”x7-1/4” felt rectangle and adhere into place using clear glue. Let dry.
  • 4. For pouch on pillow, fold over top edge on 2”x3” felt rectangle. With folded edge towards outside, pin pocket onto center of remaining 6-3/4”x7-3/4” felt rectangle. Using DMC 809 Pearl Cotton 5, blanket stitch around three edges, leaving top open. Secure thread on back and clip ends.
  • 5. To make pillow, pin together stitched design/felt rectangle and backing rectangle. Beginning on bottom, about 1-1/2” from edge, blanket stitch around edges leaving 3” opening at bottom. Gently stuff with polyester batting. Continue stitching to sew bottom closed. Knot thread and trim ends.

by Alice Okon for The DMC Corp.

Pattern - Tooth Fairy Pillow

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