Egg Carton Baby Gifts & Favors


  • Recycled cardboard egg cartons
  • Pattened papers: vintage blue/brown script (for boy); brown/beige (for girl)
  • Dark brown cardstock
  • Wooden or chipboard letters, 2” tall to spell “baby,” “girl” or desired sentiment
  • Wooden hearts (for favors), 1-1/2”
  • Downloadable vintage images
  • Heavy computer paper
  • Twill ribbon with printed sentiment, 1/2 yd. per gift
  • Black wire (for favors), 8” length
  • Assorted embellishments: tags; silk flowers; jeweled brads; resin architecture pieces; ribbon, 1/4”-wide
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Soft Blue; Espresso; Pink Chiffon; Baby Pink
  • Coordinating basket filler


  • Natures Silhouettes rubber stamp set (Cornish Heritage Farms)
  • Black pigment ink
  • Gold Leafing Pen (Krylon)
  • Adhesives (Beacon Adhesives): Zip Dry Paper Glue; Gem Tac Permanent Adhesive
  • Wax candle
  • Sanding block
  • Hole punch
  • Scallop-edge scissors
  • Corner rounder
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Computer and color printer


  • 1. Paint wooden letters Soft Blue or Baby Pink. When dry, rub surface randomly with wax candle. Paint letters Espresso. Sand surface lightly with sanding block to reveal distressed finish.
  • 2. Paint top of carton Pink Chiffon or Soft Blue. When dry, place top of carton on top of wrong side of patterned paper and trace. Cut out, approximately 1/8” inside traced lines to make paper slightly smaller than top of carton. Glue paper to carton.
  • 3. Download images and resize to 2-1/2” square. Print on heavy computer paper and cut out. Use paper trimmer to cut a 2-3/4” square from brown cardstock. Trim ends with scallop-edge scissors. Layer image and card stock and glue together. Use leafing pen to edge image. Glue image to top left of carton.
  • 4. Embellish top of carton as desired. Measure carton front and cut ribbon to measurement. Glue to front of carton. Glue wood letters for “baby’s” or “girl.” (Note: Stamp “baby” on girl carton first before gluing letters.) Adhere resin corners, silk flowers and other desired embellishments to carton. For stamped tag, punch holes in carton and tie tags with small ribbon length. If desired, cut or punch parts with words from second carton such as “organic” or “USDA.”
  • 5. For inside of carton, trim patterned paper to 3-1/2”x4”. Trim cardstock to 3”x3-3/4”. Round edges of both rectangles. Cut patterned paper to 2-3/4”x3-1/2”. Trim edges with scallop-edge scissors. Stamp “for you” or “something special.” Layer pieces and glue to inside of carton.
  • 6. Fill carton with basket filler and small gifts.
  • 7. For favors, cut apart carton with scissors, cutting egg cups into individual pieces.
  • 8. Download image and resize to 2” square. Print out as many images as needed for favors on heavy paper. Paint wooden hearts Espresso. When dry, place paper adhesive on side of wooden heart, covering. Place heart on wrong side of image. (Note: Hold up to well lit window to make sure image is centered on heart.) When glue sets, cut around image with small, sharp scissors. Use sanding block to smooth paper edges even with wooden heart.
  • 9. Punch two holes at sides of carton. Cut an 8” length from wire and secure inside holes, using pliers to create secure loops. Lay each carton on side and glue heart in center. When dry, fill with small candies or as desired.
  • Eco Eggstravaganaa
  • 1. Check out these other clever giftgiving Check out these other clever giftgiving and home decor uses for your recycled egg cartons.
  • 2. Bridal shower (wedding day essentials kit; spa supplies; accessories)
  • 3. Tea sachets
  • 4. Scented bath bombs or sachets
  • 5. Easter (decorated eggs; chocolate eggs; jelly beans; Peeps®; Easter grass)
  • 6. Halloween (spider rings; candies; glow-in-the-dark items)
  • 7. Holiday ornaments
  • 8. Valentine’s Day (candies; mini valentines; charms)
  • 9. Sewing kit
  • 10. Scrapbook embellishments (silk flowers; brads; flat back crystals; stickers)
  • 11. First aid kit
  • 12. Jewelry holder
  • 13. Bead and/or button organizer
  • 14. Ribbon organizer (cut holes through top of carton and thread ribbon through holes)
  • 15. Office supplies (paper clips; thumbtacks; rubber bands)

by Melony Bradley

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