Winter Snowflake Splendor


  • Plaid FolkArt: Acrylics: Baby Blue, Baby Pink, English Mustard, Green, Licorice, Medium Gray, Purple Lilac, School Bus Yellow, Shamrock, Tangerine, True Blue, Violet Pansy, Winter White; Metallics: Silver Sterling
  • Brushes: FM Dynasty: Black Gold, Series 206: Round, #4; Liner, #10/0; Long Handle Flat, Series 1526, #2, #4, #8, #10, #12; Decorator Collection: Deerfoot, Series 300, 1/2"
  • Foam brush, 1"
  • Plaid FolkArt Outdoor Sealer
  • Adhesive backed thin cork squares, two (from your local hardware or craft store)
  • Satin ribbon, 1/8"-wide, 8" lengths: green, baby blue, lavender
  • Note: Artist used a place setting for six
  • Coyote Woodworks wood items: Snowflake Charger Placemat (PX151), for placemats; (PX152), for hot mats and placemats); Snowflake Coasters and Box (COS104); Snowflake Napkin Rings (N102SN); Large Snowflake Ornament (PX142), one
  • Cupboard Distributing: Wood items: Candlestick (01-P486), two; Snowman Wood Shape (01-R420), for place settings; Candle Cup (01-P009), for place settings; Micro Spring Clothespins (01-02924), for place settings; Square Block (01-M048), one; Round Paper-Mache Box (27-4182), one


  • Preparation
  • 1. Print out patterns.
  • 2. Lightly sand all wood items; wipe dust. Undercoat snowflakes on napkin rings Medium Gray; overcoat Silver Sterling. Repeat same for center area of coaster box lid and center front circle area of snowmen placemats. For snowmen placemats, use True Blue to paint snowflake ends and entire backside.
  • 3. Use Winter White to paint both sides of "Let It Snow" placemats and hot mats, entire coaster box, entire papermache box, square block, and large ornament. Use True Blue to paint underside of coaster lid. Use Baby Blue to paint sides of paper-mache box lid and box.
  • 4. Transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Snowmen
  • 1. (Note: Paint snowmen faces on placemats, napkin rings, coaster box lid, paper-mache box sides, and candlesticks in same manner, omitting hats on candlesticks.)
  • 2. Base face Winter White, shade Medium Gray under hat, along left side of face and nose, and under nose. Paint eyes Licorice. Use Winter White and #2 flat brush to float curved highlight in each eye; add highlight dot to eyes. Base carrot noses Tangerine, shade English Mustard along left side and bottom and highlight School Bus Yellow along top; add English Mustard detailing lines. Use liner and Licorice to paint eyebrows and smiles. Dot smile ends Baby Pink; add smaller Winter White highlight dots.
  • 3. Base green hats Green; shade Shamrock along left side and above fur. Base purple hats Purple Lilac; use Violet Pansy to shade in same manner as green hats. Base blue hats Baby Blue and shade True Blue. Highlight hats Winter White along right sides. Use deerfoot to tap Winter White pom-poms and hat cuffs; while wet, tap Medium Gray along left sides for shading.
  • Snowmen Placemats
  • 1. Use Winter White and handle end of brush to add five descending dots down center of large snowflake ends and use stylus to add dots around smaller snowflake ends; line detailing stripes on large snowflake ends.
  • "Let It Snow" Hot Mats and Placemats
  • 1. Hot Mats: Paint band around center circle Baby Blue. Base stars School Bus Yellow; shade English Mustard and highlight Winter White. Add True Blue dots and stripes detailing. Dot Green and Purple Lilac dots to each side of stars. Use pattern to trace center circle onto cork squares; cut out circles and adhere cork to center of hot mat.
  • 2. Placemats: Base center circle Baby Blue. Use liner to paint center snowflake Winter White. Base stars School Bus Yellow; shade English Mustard and highlight Winter White. Use liner to paint pine bough stem English Mustard. Randomly paint needles Green; add some Shamrock, School Bus Yellow, and Winter White needles. Paint outer band Purple Lilac. Add True Blue dots and stripes detailing, then add Green dots between stripes/dots detailing.
  • 3. Hot Mats and Placemats: Use liner to paint wording Licorice. Add Baby Blue tri-dots between wording on hot mats. Use True Blue to base outer border area between snowflake ends; shade Licorice. Use liner to add Winter White stitch lines. Float Baby Blue along bottom of snowflakes ends and to separate tri-edges. Add True Blue dip-dots on snowflake ends.
  • Candlesticks
  • 1. Working from top of candlestick down, paint as follows: top cup True Blue; undercoat top ring Medium Gray then overcoat Sterling Silver; top ring below face Violet Pansy; next ring Green; next ring Purple Lilac; base ring Baby Blue.
  • 2. Use liner to paint Winter White snowflakes on top cups; use stylist to dot snowflake ends and handle end of brush to dot center of snowflakes. Use same brush and color to add "SNOW" wording on green ring; add dots between words. Dot School Bus Yellow tri-dots on lilac ring. Add True Blue dots and stripes detailing on base, then add Winter White dots between stripes/dots detailing.
  • Napkin Rings
  • 1. Paint rings Baby Blue. Use liner to add True Blue horizontal lines at base of each point; add dip-dots on points. Add Winter White dots at base of points.
  • Coasters and Box
  • 1. For coasters, paint center circle area of coasters in same manner as "Let It Snow" placemats. Line wording Licorice. Paint snowflake ends in same manner as "Snowmen Placemats".
  • 2. For box lid, paint stars School Bus Yellow; shade English Mustard and highlight Winter White. Paint striped edges Winter White, Baby Blue, True Blue, and Green. Add True Blue dots on each side of green stripes and add three Winter White dots on True Blue stripes. For handle, use liner to paint True Blue snowflake; dot ends. For inside lid, use Winter White to line snowflake and dot ends; spatter entire area.
  • 3. For box sides, paint striped areas in Winter White, Baby Blue, True Blue, and Medium Gray; overcoat gray with Silver Sterling. Add True Blue dip-dots on top area of lower edge.
  • Place Card Holders
  • 1. Base wood snowmen shape Winter White; use Medium Gray to shade along left side of body, under hat brim, along left side of nose and bottom of nose. Base hat Licorice; highlight Winter White along right side. Paint hat bands as follows: base Purple Lilac, shade Violet Pansy; base Baby Blue, shade True Blue; base Green, shade Shamrock. Highlight each Winter White. Base carrot nose Tangerine, shade English Mustard and highlight School Bus Yellow; add English Mustard detail lines. Use Licorice and small end of stylus to dot eyes, and use large end to dot buttons; line smile. Add Winter White eyebrows on hat brim. Use toothpick and Baby Pink to dot end of smiles. Cut ribbon in half and use ribbon matching hat band to tie around snowman's neck.
  • 2. Use True Blue to paint candle cups and tiny clothespins. Glue candle cup to back bottom of snowman. Glue clothespins, handle side down, to back of snowman above candle cups.
  • Paper-Mache Box
  • 1. Large Ornament: Base center circle Baby Blue; shade True Blue along outer edges. Base outer band True Blue, Winter White; add Baby Blue checks on white sections. Shade True Blue along bottom edge of entire outer band. Add Winter White stitch lines on True Blue sections. Add True Blue stripes on middle white band; add Baby Blue dots between. Use handle end of brush to add Purple Lilac dots between stripes.
  • 2. Paint center triangle Green and triangle border Purple Lilac; add Winter White stitch lines to border. Paint wording Licorice. Paint pine boughs in same manner as "Placemats". Add Winter White dots between boughs.
  • 3. Float Baby Blue along bottom of snowflakes ends and to separate tri-edges. Add True Blue dip-dots on snowflake ends.
  • 4. Paper-Mache Box: Use ruler to mark various width stripes on box lid sides. Paint stripes in Baby Blue, Purple Lilac, Green, and True Blue. Add Winter White dots along edges of True Blue stripes. Paint a True Blue 1/4"-wide band along bottom of box sides. Use Winter White and liner to paint snowflakes; dot ends. Undercoat stars English Mustard, then overcoat with School Bus Yellow; outline True Blue along left edges of left side. Add True Blue dots to each side of stars.
  • 5. Glue square block to center top of lid, then glue ornament to top of block. Use box to store place card holders, napkin rings. Or use it to hold holiday candies or cookies.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply varnish to all surfaces; apply at least three to four coats on placemats and coasters.

by Margaret Riley

Pattern - Winter Snowflake Splendor

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