Fish Scales Money Clip

By  Amy Koranek for Polyform Products  



Sculpey III Clay: Light Blue Pearl, Teal Pearl, Blue


Sculpey: Super Slicer, Acrylic Clay Roller, Clay Tool Starter Set
Metal money clip
Silicone adhesive 

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1. Cut 1/8 piece from each clay color. Chop colors up randomly using knife tool.

2. Mix cut clay pieces and chop some more. Mix until all small clay bits and pieces are randomly mixed. 

3. Mash clay pieces together into a patty so that colors are randomly mixed. Roll clay patty with acrylic roller until it’s 3/16” thick. 

4. Start in one corner and make a row of little scallop shapes with clay tool. Make another row alternating shapes in a scale pattern. Keep making rows of scales until the sheet is covered. 

5. Trim clay larger than the flat side of money clip with super slicer. Bake clay piece according to manufacturer’s instructions. When clay piece is completely cool, adhere to the flat side of money clip. Allow adhesive to dry completely before use.