Hanukkah Candle Box

Store your Hanukkah candles in this handmade DIY abstract clay box or use it to store pencils and accessories!
By  Amy Koranek for Polyform 



  • Sculpey Premo Accents Clay: Opal, two; Purple Pearl, 18K Gold, Peacock Pearl
  • Candles, 4½” tall
  • Cardboard box


  • Paintbrush
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Sculpey: Clay Conditioning Machine, Super Slicer, Acrylic Clay Roller
  • White craft adhesive

basic supplies

  • Ruler
  • Ink pen
  • Scissors or sharp craft knife

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Project Instructions

1. Cut cardboard box to desired height and size. Spread thin layer of adhesive all over parts of box that will be covered with clay. Let adhesive dry completely. Dried adhesive will make a tacky surface for the clay to stick to. Paint inside of box gold; let dry.

2. Prepare clay while paint is drying. Condition two blocks of Opal clay through clay conditioning machine on thickest setting. Make sure there is enough clay to cover cardboard box. Roll thin ropes of 18K Gold and randomly press pattern onto Opal sheet as shown.

3. Add very small bits of Purple Pearl and Peacock pearl randomly to the clay sheet.

4. Press sheet through clay conditioning machine on thickset setting.

5. Fold clay sheet in half with solid Opal sides touching. Press through clay conditioning machine on thickest setting again. This process of folding and pressing will embed the colorful pieces into the Opal background. The more you fold and press it through, the more the colors will blend and smear. Continue until you achieve desired color blend.

6. Cut straight edge along one short end of Opal sheet. Line up straight edge along one box corner and carefully wrap sheet all the way around, making sure to not trap air bubbles in between. Trim clay so two short ends meet up. Smooth out air bubbles and the seam with fingers. Trim top and bottom edges and smooth any roughness with your finger.

7. Bake box at 275°F for 30 minutes. Let cool.