Beach House Address Sign

By  Patricia Kimle  for  Polyform Products

size: 10"x8"

  • Beach House Address Sign
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  • Polyform Sculpey Soufflé Polymer Clay: Cowboy, Sea Glass, Lagoon, Pumpkin, Igloo, Sandcastle, Robins Egg
  • Distressed wooden frame, 8”x10”


  • Polyform Sculpey: Style and Detail Tool Kit, Bake & Bond
  • Large coarse file
  • Clay extruder, 1/8” diameter
  • Circle cutter, 1/2” diameter
  • Acrylic roller
  • Needle tool
  • Clay conditioning machine

Basic Supplies

  • craft knife, paintbrush, medium-grit sanding sponge or sandpaper, craft mat or wax paper, parchment-lined baking sheet, oven
  • 1. Run all clay individually through clay conditioning machine on widest setting. Fold clay in half after each pass and insert folded side into rollers first. For sand background, mix 1-1/2 pkgs. of Igloo with two pkgs. of Sandcastle for marbled look by running through conditioning machine. Remove from machine; roll marbled clay by hand on protected work surface until sheet is slightly larger than frame opening. Bake following manufacturer's instructions; let cool completely.

    Photo 1
  • 2. For waves, roll 1/4 pkg. each of Lagoon, Sea Glass, Robins Egg, and Igloo into 1/8"-thickness. Punch 4-6 circles from each sheet using circle cutter equal to or smaller than diameter of extruder barrel. Randomly stack circles to form log. Roll as necessary to fit log into extruder barrel.

    Photo 2

    Photo 3

    Photo 4
  • 3. Extrude continuous rope of variegated blue clay using even pressure on plunger.

    Photo 5
  • 4. With frame backing as pattern, trim edges of sand background to fit frame opening using craft knife.
  • 5. Apply layer of Bake & Bond to lower third of sand background using paintbrush; cover with filigree "waves." Bake again following manufacturer's instructions; let cool.
  • 6. Scrape away outer layers of filigree waves to reveal inner striations of color.

    Photo 6
  • 7. Roll 1/2 pkg. of Cowboy on thickest setting. Freehand cut numbers 3" high and less than 2"-wide. Adhere numbers to background using dabs of Bake & Bond. Add texture to numbers by rubbing gently with sanding sponge.

    Photo 7
  • 8. For starfish, roll small amount of Pumpkin and marbled Pumpkin/Igloo onto work surface. Freehand cut starfish shape from each sheet. Add texture with sanding sponge; imprint details using ball stylus tool. Adhere starfish on waves using Bake & Bond. Bake entire sign following manufacturer's instructions.

    Photo 8
  • 9. After clay has cooled completely, insert into frame.
  • Tip
  • 1. Is the "shore" in your vacation not a seashore? Replace the starfish for a fish or any other aquatic animal or plant.