Colored Pencil Holiday Cards

Choosing the right colors has never been easier! Irojiten Colored Pencils are labeled by tone, making it foolproof to choose the right color combinations. Here are three different colorings using different tones. Get an early start on hand-colored cards for the holidays.
By  Marie Browning  



Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper, 9”x12”

Card blanks, 5"x7", three


Fine gold glitter



Buckle embellishment 


Irojiten Color Rainforest Dictionary

Colored pencil eraser

White acrylic paint 
Fudenosuke Brush Pen
Wax-ended applicator

Adhesives: glue pen, Mono Multi Liquid Glue, Mono + Permanent Adhesive  





Project Instructions

1. Cut Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper to 8½”x12” to fit inkjet printer. Save ornament image below and print on cut Strathmore Colored Pencil Paper.

Christmas Coloring Card Pattern

2. To color ornament, start with very light shading. If you decide to change a color, simply use the colored pencil eraser to remove and add a different color. Color using basic back and forth shading. Use heavier pressure for deeper colors and very light pressure for highlights. The colored pencil eraser can be used to bring back a highlight.

3. Pale tone colors give a beautiful soft rendering to the composition. The green areas were layered and the blue background areas were highlighted with the colored pencil eraser.

Christmas Coloring Card PatternChristmas Coloring Card - Pale Tones

4. Use toothpick dipped in white paint to add sparkle dots to each purple circle motif as shown. Let dry. Mount colored panel onto matching cardstock with Mono + Permanent adhesive. Adhere mounted panel to 5”x7” card blank. Add “joy” lettered with a Fudenosuke Brush Pen.

Christmas Coloring Card - Pale TonesFinished Christmas Coloring Card - Pale Tones

5. Deep tone colors give the coloring a very different appearance. The darker colors have a deep, tapestry-like finish. Note the highlighted area in the top cap and chain giving it a look of metallic gold. Stamp or adhere sentiment of choice as desired.

Christmas Coloring Card - Dark TonesChristmas Coloring Card - Dark Tones


6. Use fine tip of Mono Multi Glue to add a drop to each purple circle motif. Sprinkle on glitter and tap off excess. Let dry. Fussy cut ornament leaving a slight edge. Mount onto matching cardstock panel using Mono + Permanent Adhesive. Adhere mounted panel to 5”x7” card blank.

Christmas Coloring Card - Dark TonesFinished Christmas Coloring Card - Dark Tones

8. The traditional, bright hues of Vivid Tones create a very whimsical look.  Your choice of colors can create a big difference in the feel of your finished piece.

Christmas Coloring Card - Vivid TonesChristmas Coloring Card - Vivid Tones

9. Use glue pen to fill in each purple circle motif. Working on four motifs at a time, pick up each rhinestone using a wax-ended applicator and press into adhesive. Let dry. Mount onto 5”x7”card blank using Mono + Permanent Adhesive. Adhere ribbon with buckle using Mono + Permanent Adhesive. 

Christmas Coloring Card - Vivid TonesFinished Christmas Coloring Card - Vivid Tones