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Fun Fused Flower Pendant

Create this fun, floral glass pendant just in time for Spring. Using the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln, you can fuse glass in as little as 3 minutes and finish a project in as little as 1 hour!
By  Lauren DiSanza for Diamond Tech Crafts 



  • Diamond Tech Fuseworks 90 COE 2"x3" Fusible Variety Glass Pack
  • Fuseworks Kiln paper 
  • Fuseworks Large Silver Bail 
  • Necklace of choice
  • E6000 Adhesive 


  • Fuseworks: Microwave Kiln, Hot Mitts, Safety Glasses
  • Jennifer's Mosaics: Wheeled Glass Nipper, Scorer/Breaker Tool 

Basic supplies 

  • Heat resistant surface
  • Black permanent marker 

1. Measure and mark 1 1/2” from two short adjacent edges of rectangular blue glass. Wearing safety glasses, use Scorer/Breaker tool to score along the lines. To do so, place cutting wheel on edge of glass and pull tool along the line while applying pressure. Place glass between jaws of Scorer/Breaker and squeeze to break glass. Repeat with second line.

2. Measure and mark ½” from one edge of red glass, mark three ½” squares from the line to the edge of the glass. Score and separate following Step 1.

3. Measure and mark ¼” line from both a yellow and green piece of glass, mark one ¼” square from the line to the edge of the glass. Score and separate following Step 1.

4. Using Wheeled Glass Nipper to nip red squares into triangles; to do so, place square between jaws of the nipper and squeeze handles. Draw a curve connecting the two closest points of the triangle using a permanent black marker.  Nip along the curve to create petal shape. Repeat with remaining red squares to create six petals.

5. Nip green ¼” square into two triangles following Step 4.

6. Draw circle onto yellow ¼” square. Nip each corner, then nibble away at each of the new points with the nipper.

7. Remove black marker marks from each piece and dry completely.

8. Place 2”x2” kiln paper on kiln base. Refer to image and place glass pieces on kiln paper as shown.

9. Fuse for two minutes at 100% power. Wearing hot mitts, check glass for slightly rounded edges. The kiln should be glowing and glass edges should be rounded. If they are not rounded, continue to fuse in 15 or 30 second increments at 100% power until desired shape is achieved. Allow kiln to cool on heat resistant surface for 30 minutes before using it again.

10. When cool, clean kiln paper from back of fused piece. Following manufacturer’s instructions, affix silver bail to back of glass piece with E6000 and let adhesive cure overnight. String pendant onto preferred chain to make a fun, floral necklace!