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Beaded Leather Bracelet

Shimmering beads with a touch of sequins worked across black ultra suede set the mood of this quick-to-stitch bracelet.
By  Linda Wyszynski for Wichelt Imports/Mill Hill Beads 

1 1/4" wide


  • Black ultra suede
  • Wichelt Imports Glass Seed Beads 11/0: Royal Blue #00020, Brilliant Orchid #02085, Periwinkle #02103
  • Silver sequins, 5mm
  • Silver findings: extension chain, 1½”; jump rings, two; lobster clasp; ribbon clamps, 1”


  • YLI Silamide Beading Black Thread
  • Light grey sewing thread
  • Milliners Needle, No. 10
  • Jewelry tools: small needle nose pliers, flat pliers
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac

basic supplies

  • Rotary cutter and mat
  • White tissue paper
  • Permanent black pen
  • Straight pins
  • Embroidery scissors
  • Tweezers

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Project Instructions

*tips: If right handed, placing the lobster clasp on the left side of the bracelet makes it easier to put on your arm. If left handed, reverse sides.

Small snaps or ribbons can be used as closures for the bracelet. If using snaps, cut fabric slightly longer to accommodate the width of the snap on each end.

Place a piece of blue tape inside the pliers to keep them from scratching the metal.

(Note: Use two yard length doubled of black Silamide for all stitching. Place a knot in thread to begin and end thread by running needle under previous stitches on the backside. Check back of suede to see if stitches are going through. Pull each bead stitch snug to ensure all thread is as tight as possible without wrinkling suede. It‘s helpful to hold beads snug against previous beads with thumb of opposite hand. Secure thread on back side by running under previous worked stitches. To press bracelet, use low temperature and a soft, thick terry towel. Place bracelet right side down on towel. Refer to photo for color placement of beads.)

1. Cut black ultra suede 1¼” wide by length around your wrist minus ½” to allow for catch. Cut a piece of tissue paper in the same size. Cut another piece of black ultra suede 1/16” smaller on all four sides than the first cut piece. Set smaller suede piece aside.    

2. Visit to print full-size pattern; click on Magazine, then Patterns. Trace pattern onto cut tissue paper from Step 1. Pattern should be ½” shorter than suede to provide ¼” on each end for catch. Center pattern on 1¼” wide suede and pin. Baste tissue paper in place with light grey sewing thread.

3. Work beading through tissue paper and suede. Use Silamide and the bead row stitch to work the pattern across the length of the bracelet. Use Royal Blue, Brilliant Orchid and Periwinkle seed beads for the three wave lines across the bracelet center. Use one color per line. Start each line on the left side and work across area. Remove tissue paper by gently tearing it away from beading. Use tweezers to remove small pieces that are caught under beads.

4. Use Silamide and 5mm silver sequins with a Royal Blue seed bead to create stop bead stitch. Place a silver sequin with a stop bead in each diamond center created by the pattern. Make a tiny straight stitch on backside behind each sequin to secure stop bead. As you move onto the next diamond, slide the needle under a previous stitch on the back to reach the center of the next diamond.

5. Use Silamide and the seed stitch to randomly place glass seed beads above and below the center pattern. Keep beads approximately 1/16” from outer edge of suede.

6. Adhere smaller suede piece from Step 1 to backside of beaded suede using small amount of Fabri-Tac. Press two pieces together and let dry.

7. Use flat pliers to attach clamp to fabric. Center and line up clamp on one end of suede, being sure there‘s no fabric hanging over the sides. Keep suede straight as you use pliers to press clamp firmly over it; turn clamp over and repeat to secure. Repeat for other end of bracelet.

8. Attach extension chain to right side clamp and lobster clasp to  left side of clamp using jump rings and round nose pliers.