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Under the Sea Jewelry Set

A beautiful summer jewelry set from Swarovski.
By  Swarovski Crystals 


Swarovski Crystal Bermuda Blue: Bicone Bead #5328, 4mm, 100 pcs; Radiolarian Pendant #6730, 18x11½mm, seven; Sea Snail Pendant #6731, 28mm, one; Sea Snail Pendant #6731, 14mm, four; Sea Urchin Stone #1695, 14mm, six

TierraCast: Anna Toggle, 1½”; Faceted Rivoli Links, 14mm, six; Craftsman Toggle, one; Seahorse Charm, three; Abalone Shell Charm, three; Seastar Charm, two; Large Spindle Shell Charm, two

Jump rings: 10mm, one; 8mm, 16; 4mm, 27;

Black leather cord, ½mm, 24”

Crimps, 2mm, two 

Crimp covers, 3mm, two

Beading wire, 20”

Beadalon Kidney Ear Wires, 44mm, two

Five minute two part epoxy 


Jewelry pliers

Flush cutters 

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1. Slide 10mm jump ring through 28mm Sea Snail pendant and close

2. Cut 24” leather cord into two 12” pieces. Fold both pieces in half and insert loops through pendant hole as shown. Pull leather cord tails through loops and pull taut.

3. Place Radiolarian pendant onto each leather cord strand as desired and mark location with a small knot. Slide Radiolarian pendant past knot indicator and create an overhand knot to secure. Repeat for other three pendants. You may trim leather cord tails or leave hanging. If leather cord is from a small spool, it will curl on itself but with time the leather will relax.

4. Crimp on one end of toggle clasp onto beading wire and attach crimp bead cover. String 4mm bicone beads onto wire until desired length is achieved. Slip beaded wire through jump ring from Step 1. Crimp other end of toggle clasp and attach crimp cover.


1. Slide one 14mm Sea Snail Pendant onto 8mm jump ring and close. Use 4mm jump ring to attach pendant to ear wire. Repeat to make second earring.


”Online Exclusive

1. Mix small amount of epoxy. Adhere Sea Urchin Stone to Rivoli link with epoxy and set aside to dry. Repeat to make six total. Let dry completely.

2. Attach two Rivoli links from Step 1 using two 8mm jump rings. Continue using two jump rings to attach rest of Rivoli links together. Attach one end of the toggle using two 8mm jump rings to last Rivoli link, repeat on other side.

3. Attach three 4mm jump rings together and slide 18mm Radiolarian pendant to last jump ring. Repeat to make three total. Attach Radiolarian pendant drops to double jump rings between links 1 and 2. Repeat to attach Radiolarian pendant to third and fifth double jump rings.

4. Attach three 4mm jump rings together and slide 14mm Sea Snail pendant to last jump ring. Repeat to make two total. Attach Sea Snail pendant drops to second and fourth double jump rings.

5. Attach sea life charms with 4mm jump rings as desired between links.