Beading / Jewelry

Luck of the Irish Bracelet

By  Linda Valentino 

size: 8"

  • Luck of the Irish Bracelet


  • Silver charm bracelet or chain, 6-1/2” (29 links)
  • Silver shamrock charms, six
  • Assorted green Czech faceted round beads, 52
  • Silver findings: jump rings, 5mm, 54; head pins, 52; toggle clasp


  • Jewelry pliers: chain-nose pliers, two pairs; round-nose
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • 1. Insert head pin into green bead; create loop at end of headpin with round-nose pliers. Hold loop with chain-nose pliers and wrap wire several times below loop and above green bead; cut off excess. Repeat for a total of 52 beads.
  • 2. Add clasp to end links of chain using jump rings.
  • 3. Add jump ring to each shamrock charm and evenly space them on bracelet. Attach one bead to each link, skipping links with charms.
  • 4. Turn bracelet around and add one bead to opposite side of each link.