Beading / Jewelry

Bohemian Bridal Set

By  Ruth Nore 

size: various sizes

  • Bohemian Bridal Set


  • Silver findings: chain, 56”, 15”, 1-1/2”; jump ring, 8mm; 1x3 loop connector pendant, 28x26mm; headpins, 2”, seven; eye pin, 2”, three; lobster clasp, 10mm; ball stud earring posts with connecting loop, 1 pair
  • Round lemon coin bead, 12mm, five
  • Swarovski Soft Lavender Glass Pearls, 8mm, 11

Basic Supplies

  • jewelry pliers: round nose, needle nose, wire cutters, felt mat or jewelers cloth
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  • Headpiece
  • 1. Gather 56" chain, 8mm jump ring, loop connector pendant, three headpins, one coin bead and three pearl beads needed for headpiece. Measure and cut following lengths of chain: 10", two 11" and two 12". String two headpins with one pearl each and create loop above pearl using round nose pliers. Trim excess with wire cutters. String another headpin with one coin bead and one pearl. Create a loop above pearl and trim excess.
  • 2. Open 8mm jump ring with pliers. While holding jump ring with pliers, string chain ends in the following order: 12", 11", 10", 11" and 12". Close jump ring using pliers.
  • 3. Take unconnected end of the middle 10" length of chain and open last link. Connect it to the top, single loop of pendant and close link.
  • 4. Take ends of two chains on left side making sure they are not twisted and open last links to connect it to bottom left pendant loop. Make sure 11" chain is on top of 12" chain. Repeat on right side.
  • 5. Take three beaded pins from Step 1 and open loops. Link single pearls onto bottom left and bottom right pendant loops. Link last beaded pin to bottom middle pendant loop.
  • Bracelet
  • 1. Gather 15" chain, two headpins, eye pin, lobster clasp, two coin beads and four pearl beads needed for bracelet. String one headpin with pearl and another headpin with coin bead and pearl. Create loop above each beaded headpin and trim excess with wire cutters. String eye pin with pearl, coin bead then pearl. Create loop and trim excess.
  • 2. Measure and cut 5" chain. Open link on one end and connect it to opposite end to create circle. Connect pearl, coin bead, pearl beaded pin to same link and close.
  • 3. Measure and cut 1-1/2" chain. Connect one end of link to other end of pearl, coin bead, pearl beaded pin. Measure and cut 8" chain. Connect single pearl pin to one end of chain and lobster clasp to other end. Lay flat and find approximate center link. Connect other end of 1-1/2" chain to center link and close with pliers. For sizing, make adjustments to chain lengths as needed.
  • Earrings
  • 1. Gather 1-1/2" chain, pair of earring posts, headpin, two eye pins, two coin beads and four pearl beads needed for earrings. String two headpins with single pearl and two eye pins with one coin bead then pearl. Create loop above each pin and trim excess.
  • 2. Remove two links from chain length and split chain into two equal lengths. Attach single pearl beaded pin to ends of each chain. Attach beaded eye pins to other end of each chain.
  • 3. Take one of the separated links and connect it to stud earring loop and pearl end of beaded eye pin. Repeat with other link and stud earring.