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Copper Tones Kumihimo Necklace

By  Myléne Hillam 

size: 19"

  • Copper Tones Kumihimo Necklace
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  • Silver Creek Leather Tiger Lily Sof-Suede Lace, 14’9”
  • Copper end caps: 10mm, four; engraved 10mm, one
  • Striped orange lampwork beads, 10x13mm, two
  • Copper metallic half-coat Czech faceted rounds, 8mm, four
  • Textured coral ceramic bead, 20x25mm
  • Textured wavy copper disks: 17mm, two; 10mm, eight
  • Copper spiral disk spacers, 10mm, four
  • Copper round metal spacer beads: 4.5mm, 10; 3mm, eight
  • Copper findings: toggle clasp set; oval copper jump rings, 7x5mm, two; twisted copper jump rings, 6mm, three; eye pins, 20


  • Silver Creek Leather Realeather Craft Lace Kumihimo Disc
  • Jewelry pliers: chain-nose, round-nose, flat-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • Epoxy adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • toothpick and scrap paper, cotton swab and denatured alcohol, wooden craft stick, ruler, sewing thread, scissors
  • 1. Cut four 42" lengths of Tiger Lily lace. Position disk with "N" at top. Arrange cords so that two run vertically and two lay horizontally with center of cords at center of disk. Insert one vertical cord in left slot of "N" and corresponding end in right slot of "S". Insert other vertical cord in right slot of "N" and left slot of "S" so cords cross over on center. Position two horizontal cords on either side of "W". Place corresponding ends on either side of "E" so cords cross over on center.

    Photo 1
  • 2. Position bottom left cord in left slot of top two cords between 30 and 31.

    Photo 2
  • 3. Take top right cord and place in right slot of bottom cord bewteen 14 and 15.

    Photo 3
  • 4. Rotate disk counter-clockwise so that "E" is on top.

    Photo 4
  • 5. Continue creating braid by repeating Steps 2-4 until it measures 8" length.

    Photo 5
  • 6. Cut 12" length of sewing thread. Turn disc over; wrap thread firmly around end of braid to prevent unraveling.

    Photo 6
  • 7. Remove braid from disk; trim ends of thread close to braid.

    Photo 7
  • 8. Cut 12" length of thread. Wrap firmly around braid 1/4" from other end of braid. Trim each end 3/16" from wrapped thread. Set trimmed lace pieces aside for tassel.
  • 9. Cut two thread lengths. Measure 3-3/4" from each end of braid and wrap firmly with thread lengths. Knot ends. Trim threads close to knots.

    Photo 8
  • 10. Cut in between two wraps, creating two equal lengths of braid. Trim lace ends to 3/16".

    Photo 9

    Photo 10
  • 11. Mix epoxy using toothpick on scrap paper following manufacturer's instructions. Apply thin layer of epoxy to braided cord above sewing thread; insert into cord end. Use alcohol and cotton swab to clean excess. Repeat on other end.

    Photo 11
  • 12. Cut two 4-1/2" lengths of lace. Gather leftover lace from braid; align ends of all 10 pieces. Wrap ends securely with thread, knot, and trim excess.

    Photo 12
  • 13. Insert eye pin into 10mm cord end from inside.

    Photo 13
  • 14. Grip inside loop with chain-nose pliers; turn loop on outside cord end.

    Photo 14

    Photo 16
  • 15. Mix small amount of epoxy; apply to laces above thread and insert tassel into cord end. Trim tassel ends.
  • 16. String Czech glass round, large wavy copper disk, coral ceramic bead, large wavy copper disk, and Czech glass round on eye pin.

    Photo 16
  • 17. Turn simple loop.

    Photo 17
  • 18. On two eye pins, string small wavy copper disk, striped orange bead, and small copper disk. On another two eye pins, string small wavy copper disk, Czech glass bead, and wavy copper disk. Working on one component at a time, use flat-nose pliers to grip eye pin above last disk; turn simple loop. Repeat on all four eye pins.

    Photo 18

    Photo 19
  • 19. String 4.5mm copper spacer beads on 10 eye pins; turn simple loops.
  • 20. String 3mm copper spacer bead, spiral disk, and 3mm spacer bead on four eye pins; turn simple loops.
  • 21. Connect necklace components together by alternating three round spacer bead components with two spiral copper disk components. Attach one end of braid. On other end, attach twisted jump ring, spacer bead, striped orange bead, spacer bead, and Czech bead component. Open twisted jump ring; attach to last bead for center of necklace. Complete other side of necklace to match.
  • 22. Attach coral ceramic bead component to twisted jump ring on necklace center by opening loop at bottom of component and attaching onto tassel.
  • 23. Attach each half of toggle clasp to end of necklace using oval jump rings.
  • Tip
  • 1. Work left-hand cords with your left hand and right-hand cords with your right hand. Hold center of disk with thumb of your free hand to keep tension in braid as you work.