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Autumn Owl Necklace

By  Theresa Hyatt  for  Prima Bead

size: 32" length with 2-1/4"x4" focal

  • Autumn Owl Necklace


  • Cousin: Silver Accents with Gold Enamel Connector; Gold Flower Connectors, two; Gold Teardrop Connectors, three; Gold Rhinestone Drops, three; Brown Acrylic Ovals, seven; Antique Gold Chain, 35" length; Antique Findings, 1 pkg.


  • Jewelry pliers: needle-nose, round-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • 1. Cut chain into two 16" lengths. Attach clasp to one end of chain using 4mm jump ring. Use 4mm jump ring to connect 6mm jump ring to end of second chain.
  • 2. Attach wide end of small teardrop connector to each chain using 4mm jump rings. Link three 4mm jump rings together; attach one end to flower connector. Attach other end of linked jump rings to loop of teardrop connector attached to 16" chain. Repeat for second connector and 16" chain.
  • 3. Use 4mm jump ring to attach narrow end of teardrop connector to loop of coordinating flower connector. Repeat for other side of necklace to form owl's eyes and eyebrows. Link narrow ends of two teardrop connectors to wide end of third teardrop connector (nose) with 4mm jump rings.
  • 4. Cut three 1" chain lengths. Connect silver/gold connector to bottom loop of flower connector with 4mm jump ring; slide chain behind loop of silver/gold connector before closing jump ring. Repeat for other side of necklace.
  • 5. Connect last chain length to bottom loop of teardrop connector (nose) with 4mm jump ring. Gather three chain ends with 4mm jump ring.
  • 6. Make seven brown oval bead links using eye pins. Attach gold rhinestone drops to three brown links. Link two 4mm jump rings together; connect three brown links together for tail feathers. Attach brown links to jump ring on bottom of silver/gold connector. Attach jump rings to two brown links each; conntect to silver/gold connector loops for wings.