Beading / Jewelry

Golden Blossom Necklace

By  Suzann Sladcik Wilson 

size: 16"


  • Gold bezel pendant
  • Beads: pink freshwater pearls, 32; pink crystal rondelles, 36; zoisite ovals, 13
  • Gold oval chain, 24-1/2” length
  • Gold findings: crimp tubes, 2mm, six; jump rings, 6mm, four 10mm; oval toggle clasp, large: beading wire, 34” length


  • Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Paints: Icy Pink, Pearl Green
  • Epoxy resin
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers: crimping, chain-nose, flat-nose
  • Droppers or pipettes, two

Basic Supplies

  • mixing cup, ruler, craft sticks or stirrers
  • 1. Mix paint well, stirring with wooden stirrers and then shaking. (Note: Effect may not result if paint is not mixed properly.)
  • 2. Apply Icy Pink paint to half of bezel pendant and Pearl Green paint to other half using dropper or pipette; let dry 24 hours.
  • 3. Mix (1:1) resin for two minutes using mixing cup and wooden stirrer following manufacturer's instructions. Drip resin onto painted surface using wooden stirrer. Let dry at least six hours.
  • 4. Using chain-nose and flat-nose pliers, insert 6mm gold jump ring through top hole in bezel.
  • 5. Cut two 12" and one 10" lengths of beading wire and two 3-3/4", 4", and 4-1/2" lengths each of chain.
  • 6. Create beaded wire sections. Crimp together one end of one 12" wire to one 4-1/2" chain. String 16 pearls, pendant, and 16 more pearls onto wire; crimp wire to remaining 4-1/2" chain. Join remaining 12" wire length to one 3-3/4" chain using crimping pliers. String 13 zoisite ovals onto wire; crimp wire to remaining 3-3/4" chain. Crimp 10" wire and one 4" chain together. String 36 pink crystal rondelles onto wire, then crimp wire to remaining 4" chain.
  • 7. Open one 10mm jump ring using chain- and flat-nose pliers. Insert last link of beaded sections through jump ring; close jump ring. Repeat for the other end. Connect clasp halves to chain ends using 10mm jump rings.