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Beaded Tree Ornament

By  Linda Wyszynski 

size: 3"x4-1/4"

  • Beaded Tree Ornament
  • Fig. 1
  • Fig. 2
  • Fig. 3


  • White WoolFelt (National Nonwovens)
  • Red Very Fine #4 Braid (Kreinik Manufacturing)
  • Red #16 Braid (Kreinik Manufacturing), 8” length
  • Silver-lined seed beads (TOHO): 11/0: Topaz; Garnet; Green; Light Rainbow; Crystal Rainbow; 8/0: Garnet Matte


  • Needles: beading, #10; chenille, #22
  • Sewing thread: white; red; lt. gold; lt. green
  • Silamide (YLI), size A: White; Red; Green; Beige
  • Embroidery hoop, size 6
  • Poly-fil (Fairfield)
  • White Stabilizer (Pellon), 3-1/2”x3-1/2”
  • White tissue paper

Pattern - Beaded Tree Ornament

  • 1. Cut a 7"x7" square from white felt and #30 stabilizer; set aside. Print and cut out pattern. Use pencil or pen to trace the outside shape of oval pattern onto piece of tissue paper. Use small piece of felt and cut out an oval shape for back of ornament. Set aside.
  • 2. Center and trace pattern including oval shape onto 7"x7" stabilizer. Quick Tip: Use ruler to keep tree lines straight.
  • 3. Use white sewing thread to baste the 7"x7" pieces of felt and stabilizer together. Working from backside, using colored sewing thread, baste pattern onto front side of felt. Use photo as color guide, matching color of sewing thread to area you are basting. Check front side to be sure threads are showing on felt. Do not baste the tree ornaments or star on top of the tree. Quick Tip: To begin beading thread a 2-yard piece of Silamide in beading needle, join the two ends together and knot. (Note: Use two strands for all beading.) To end thread, tie off thread on backside. To end the picot fringe thread slip the needle/thread back through several beads following the beading path and come out through a bead that rests next to the felt on the backside. Run the needle inside the ornament and bring the needle up a distance away toward the middle of the backside of the ornament. Take a couple of very tiny stitches. Run the needle back in the felt going a short distance away. Pull the needle/thread up putting tension on the thread clip and let thread slide back into felt.
  • 4. Secure the joined fabrics in the embroidery hoop, felt side up.
  • 5. Use green Silamide and 11/0 green seed beads and bead row stitch (Fig. 1) to bead the tree trunk. Start at the top of the tree working down the center. Start branches next to the trunk working outward.

    Fig. 1
  • 6. Use 8/0 red and 11/0 red beads for the ornaments on the tree branches. Using the traced marks on the backside as your guide, attach each bead with a single bead stitch (Fig. 2). Attach an 8/0 bead and place an 11/0 bead just under it being sure they lay flat against the felt.

    Fig. 2
  • 7. Use 11/0 red beads and bead row stitch (Fig. 1) to bead the tree holder.

    Fig. 1
  • 8. Use 11/0 Topaz beads for the star. Use the traced marks on the backside as your guide to attach two beads on each line. Place the center bead last. Bring the needle up on the outside of the top left bead, go back through those two beads, then slide the center bead on the needle, go back through the right bottom beads. Pull the beads taut, take the needle down into the felt. Secure on the back and tie off.
  • 9. Use the 11/0 Crystal Rainbow beads to randomly place single beads (Fig. 2) on the white felt around the tree (approximately 13 beads total) for falling snow. (Note: Beads are not always uniform in size. Follow the pattern and remove any basting thread that show when beading is completed.)

    Fig. 2
  • 10. Remove hoop and carefully cut out around traced line of oval shape.
  • 11. For hanger, fold an 8" length of Medium #16 Braid in half and knot ends together. Thread the looped end in the #22 Chenille needle, secure in stabilizer, in center on backside.
  • 12. Place oval shapes wrong sides together, start on right side and whipstitch around ornament using white sewing thread. Place a small amount of fiberfill stuffing inside to give the ornament a puffy look before sewing opening closed.
  • 13. Use 8/0 red beads for picot edging (Fig. 3) around the ornament. Secure the knot inside the ornament and use small stitching in the edge of the WoolFelt. As your work the clusters, keep the beads snug on the Silamide. If needed, adjust beads easing them into place, as you work the edging.

    Fig. 3