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Light Rose Chandelier Earrings

By  Katie Hacker 

Think pink! Created with light rose crystal beads by Swarovski, these custom-made earrings are sure to be a sparkling sensation!

  • Light Rose Chandelier Earrings
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  • Silver chandelier components of choice with three lower loops, two
  • Swarovski Light Rose Bicone Crystal Beads: 4mm, 14; 8mm, six
  • Silver findings: head pins, six; ear wires, two


  • Pliers: round-nose, chain-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • 1. For each earring, attach ear wire to top chandelier loop.
  • 2. String one 8mm and two 4mm beads onto two head pins. Use round-nose pliers to make loop in each head pin after last bead; cut excess wire. Attach pins to outside loops.
  • 3. String one 8mm and three 4mm beads onto third head pin; finish and attach to center loop in same manner.
  • Tip
  • 1. Adhere pink flat-back crystals to chandelier component for added sparkle.