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Japanese Paper Beaded Necklace

Beads, clay, paper and resin: This beautiful necklace has it all!
By  Deborah Anderson 

size: 22"

  • Japanese Paper Beaded Necklace


  • Staedtler FIMO Soft Clay, 2 oz. pkgs.: Lime Green, Sunflower, White
  • Chiyogami (Yuzen) Paper, one sheet (
  • Beadalon: 7-strand Stringing Wire, 26” length
  • Assorted beads: clear light pink round, 30; clear yellow teardrop, eight; copper metal spacer, 23; copper metal flower, three; gold seed beads, 40; round gold bead
  • Findings: jump rings, four; split rings, three; ball end headpins, 2” long, two
  • Bead Buddy Crimp Tubes, 2mm, two
  • Plastic-coated wire, 22-gauge, 1” length


  • Beadalon: Round-Nose Pliers, Chain-Nose Pliers, Bent-Nose Pliers, Flush Cutters
  • Bead Buddy 1 Step Crimper
  • AMACO: Craft Clay Machine, Polyblade, PolyRoller, Potter’s Needle Tool, Polymer Clay and Craft Oven
  • Staedtler FIMO Liquid Deco Gel
  • ETI Envirotex Jewelry Resin
  • Rubber stamp or clay texture sheet of choice
  • Kemper 5/8” Circle Cutter
  • Round paper punches: 5/8”, 1/16”

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, cardstock scrap, scissors, craft stick, craft knife

Pattern - Japanese Paper Beaded Necklace

  • Beads and Toggle Clasp
  • 1. Use 5/8" round paper punch to punch eight circles from Chiyogami paper. (Note: You will need two circles for each bead.)
  • 2. Mix 1/4 block of Sunflower and 1/4 block of White clay with 1/2 block of Lime Green clay. Blend and condition. Roll clay through Craft Clay Machine on thin-medium setting. Position clay sheet on piece of paper. Using Kemper Circle Cutter, punch out eight circles.
  • 3. Spread thin layer of Liquid Deco Gel on back side of each Chiyogami paper circle. Adhere paper circle to each clay circle.
  • 4. Punch out four more 5/8" clay circles; cut each circle in half. Place two halves on top of clay side on one paper-backed circle, leaving 1/32" gap between halves. (Note: This creates channel for stringing material to run through.) Re-punch circles with round cutter to trim away excess clay.
  • 5. Position paper-backed circle on top of channel, creating round bead with hole through center. Smooth edges with fingers. Repeat process to construct remaining round beads. (Note: You will need four round beads for necklace.)
  • 6. Print out patterns. Cut oblong bead and pendant pattern from cardstock. Cut 12 oblong shapes (for six beads) and two pentagon pendant shapes from clay following instructions above on creating round beads. Cut out center window on pendant. (Note: Make wire channel run vertically through pendant.)
  • 7. For toggle clasp, cut patterns from cardstock. Cut toggle and donut shapes from Chiyogami paper. Use 1/16" hole punch to punch hole on center of toggle shape.
  • 8. Spread thin layer of Liquid Deco Gel on back of toggle and donut paper pieces. Adhere paper pieces to conditioned clay. Use craft knife to trim excess clay. Use needle tool to poke hole through toggle shape.
  • 9. Cut 1" plastic-coated wire length. Using round-nose pliers, bend loop and two ends horizontally. Attach split ring on loop. Position loop on back of donut shape; reinforce with tiny scrap of clay and smooth ends.
  • 10. Roll small amount of clay through Craft Clay Machine on medium setting. Press clay on top of rubber stamp or texture sheet, creating impression. Place paper-backed toggle shapes on top of smooth side of textured sheet and trim excess clay. Use needle tool to go through hole on toggle shape. Using craft knife, cut out center of donut shape. Smooth edges.
  • 11. Place circle beads, oblong beads, pendant, and toggle clasp shapes on parchment-lined baking sheet. Apply thin layer of Liquid Deco Gel to each shape. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake in oven. Let cool. Remove toggle pieces and set aside. Turn all other pieces over and coat other side with thin layer Liquid Deco Gel. Bake again for 30 minutes. Let cool.
  • 12. Follow manufacturer's directions to mix small amount of two-part Jewelry Resin. Using craft stick, apply Jewelry Resin onto top surface of each bead, pendant, and donut and toggle clasp. Let cure 24 to 48 hours. (Note: Donut and toggle clasp shapes only need one side coated with resin as one side is clay.) After beads and pendant are cured, turn pieces over and coat other side. Let cure 24 to 48 hours.
  • Necklace
  • 1. For clasp, insert metal spacer bead onto one headpin. Add toggle and tiny seed bead. Use round-nose and chain-nose pliers to make small wrapped loop. Snip off excess wire. Add three small jump rings to wrapped loop on toggle.
  • 2. For pendant, insert metal spacer bead onto remaining headpin. Insert headpin through bottom of pendant. As you insert headpin through center, add metal flower bead. Push headpin up and add metal spacer bead and round gold bead. Make loop. Open up loop and add split ring; close loop.
  • 3. Cut 26" length of stringing wire. String wire through split ring on pendant and position pendant in center of wire length. Add beads of choice on both sides of pendant. (Note: Designer added the following: clear pink, seed bead, metal flower, seed bead, metal spacer, oblong paper, metal spacer, clear pink, seed bead, yellow teardrop, seed bead, clear pink, metal spacer, round paper, metal spacer, clear pink, seed bead, yellow teardrop, seed bead, clear pink, metal spacer, oblong paper, etc. in repeating fashion.) Repeat stringing beads for other side of necklace. After adding last bead, take one end of wire and add crimp tube. Add 10 tiny seed beads; add split ring and insert wire end through crimp tube again. Use 1 Step Crimper to crimp tube closed. Cut off excess wire. Repeat process for other wire end.
  • 4. Use jump ring to connect donut part of toggle clasp onto end of necklace. Use jump ring to attach toggle part of clasp to other side of necklace.