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Swirls & Twirls Sun Catcher

By  Lauren DiSanza  for  Diamond Tech

size: 12"



  • Diamond Tech Studio Pro Bevels, 1 pkg. each: 3”x3”; 1-1/2”x1-1/2”; 1”x1”
  • Diamond Tech Jennifer’s Mosaics Small Red Glass Gems
  • Tinned copper wire, 16-gauge
  • Cording or hanger of choice


  • Diamond Tech Studio Pro Tools: Soldering Iron with Tip; 60/40 Solder; Safety Flux; Flux Brush; Pro 2 Pack Fid
  • Diamond Tech Studio Pro Black Backed Copper Foil, 7/32” thick, 1.25ml
  • Long tweezers
  • Heat-resistant board

Basic Supplies

  • safety goggles, glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol, paper towel, lint-free cloth, clear tape, soft brush, scissors, white copy paper

Pattern - Swirls & Twirls Sun Catcher

Project Instructions

  • 1. Clean all five bevels and four glass gems with glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol. Dry with lint-free cloth.
  • 2. Peel back 2"-3" of backing from copper foil; hold glass with edge toward you, and apply foil to edge of glass so that it extends evenly over both sides of glass. Fold or crimp foil over edges, making sure to fold corners neat and flat. Burnish (rub) foil using fid or wooden craft stick. Press foil flat against glass on outside edge first, then on both sides of glass. (Note: Don't scrub as you may rip foil.) Foil all bevels and place them on heat-resistant surface for soldering.
  • 3. To foil gems, use emery board or file to rub small band around bottom edge of each glass nugget. (Note: This allows foil to adhere better.) Wrap each glass gem with foil; burnish to adhere foil to back of each glass gem.
  • 4. Print out patterns onto white copy paper.
  • 5. (Note: Use solid core 60/40 solder for best results with foil.) Before soldering, position bevels and gems on pattern. Tape to hold in place; avoid placing tape in corners.
  • 6. Tack solder at seam intersections by placing small amount of flux on intersecting seams; hold iron above project and allow solder to drop onto project where fluxed.
  • 7. Once tack is soldered into place, remove tape and completely solder seams by holding iron tip on foil, perpendicular to seam. Feed or push solder into tip as you move along foiled seam.
  • 8. When seams have all been soldered, use long tweezers to flip piece over. (Note: Seams are VERY HOT!) Apply flux and solder seams on back of design.
  • 9. Holding gem with long tweezers, flux and tin edges. To tin, apply flux and thin layer of solder on foil. Repeat for each gem. Place gems in corresponding places as shown on pattern. Add small amount of flux and solder gems onto design.
  • 10. Using round-nose pliers, twist wire to form swirls using pattern as guide.
  • 11. Position sun catcher flat on work surface. Align swirls next to sun catcher; flux and tack solder. Flip over and secure other side in same fashion.
  • 12. Wash thoroughly using warm water, soap, and soft brush. Clean both sides; rinse well and dry.
  • 13. To hang, thread cording in desired length through top swirl on design; knot ends.
  • Tip: Apply black or copper patina for a different look. Or for a great personalized gift, etch initials into center of large bevel.
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