Stamping Tips

Designer: Julia Sandvoss

    Basics before you begin:

  • Always start with a clean stamp and clean acrylic blocks!
  • Have a clean, flat surface to work on.
  • Make sure your ink pads are new or fresh with ink for good inking. Always remember to store your inks upside down. This keeps the ink at the top of the pad.
  • Have some scrap paper on hand to practice stamping.
  • Now let's begin:

  • When inking your stamp, press firmly onto the pad. Don't rock or shift around. For larger stamps, press the ink pad onto the stamp to ensure good coverage.
  • Do a practice stamp on scrap paper to test the stamp. This helps to see if you inked it enough or too much. If there's too much, you'll have the telltale ink on the edges. You'll also be able to judge how firmly to stamp. If you stamp too lightly, some spots won’t show. Too hard and the design may look flat.
  • Stamp onto the paper firmly, but not too hard. Keep in mind smaller stamps need less pressure.
  • If you're working with a design that will be punched or cut out, always stamp the design first. Cut or punch out to ensure the design is properly centered.
  • If there are spots which are still a bit too light, use a matching pen, chalks, or watercolors to help fill it in.
  • Remember that stamping does not have to be perfect! Learn to turn those small mistakes into beautiful stamped pieces.
  • Lastly... go have some stamping fun!