Green Necklace and Earrings

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Necklace: Purchase a strings of Acrylic Green Beads. Using a matching color of wire or silver or gold that is made for necklace Using the beads of Glass Swarovski Beads of the same color or using any color. Cut on one end of the wire of the length that you want it as a necklace. Put the two of the Acrylic Green Beads on the wire, put one of the Glass Swarovski Beads after the second Acrylic Green Bead. Repeat until you got the length of the necklace is complete. To have the necklace almost finish. Using a Silver or Gold Toggle Clasp. Tie the wire of few knots and pull it tight and clip half of it off. The rest of the wire that is hanging try to slide it through few beads. Earrings: Purchase a fish hook like in Silver or Gold. Using Head Pins of the same color as the fish hook like earrings. Put the one of the Glass Swarovski Bead as the same color as the necklace on the bottom. Put the one of the Acrylic Green Bead above the Glass Swarovski Bead. Put the second of the Glass Swarovski Bead above the Acrylic Green Bead. Repeat it the again. Using a jewelry tool to bend a little on the top of the head pin. Slide the head pin that is partly bent into the hold from the fish hook like earrings. Using that same tool to close that partly bent to make sure that is secure close. You might have to try it few times. You just did a necklace and matching earrings. Enjoy them as you wear them.

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