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  • cow bag holder

    by: craftymom101

    does any one have the patterns and instructions for a plastic bag holder that was a cow? She has a dress that split in the back to put the bags in and they c...;

  • All About Beads

    by: JFPsr

    I am trying to make the snowflakes and crystals set found in the December issue but I cannot find a source for the items listed as coming from All About Bead...;

  • granny bag holder

    by: nancycarol

    I am looking for a granny bag holder pattern. It was published in crafts n things years back. 80's or 90's.;

  • Why to I have trouble accessing projects?

    by: KittyAustin

    I am going to ask anyone who is reading these posts... I am trying to access some of the projects that are listed on this web page. When I click on a thumbn...;